Xvest Xchange Ltd. (XvestX) a Belize International Business Corporation

Non-Binding Investor/Partner Term Sheet Terms and Conditions:

All investor/partners must be approved with countersigned Term Sheet by owner/officer of XvestX.

As stated, the agreement is mutually non-binding to either party and may be terminated by either party with written notice to the other party.

XvestX will have final approval on referred investors and may decline a partner referral for any reason.

Grants of XvestX equity to partners (non-investing parties) will be subject to rules and regulations governed by the laws of Belize and conforming to the laws of the US SEC, FINRA and other US regulatory bodies and are subject to all related taxes.

Investor equity purchases are governed by XvestX SAFE agreements and are only for Accredited Investors.

All investors are subject of KYC/AML.

Token grants will be distributed after XvestX technology and accounting is able to administer and support such grants.

XvestX Option Tokens (OXVT) are granted to those who hold a qualified ERC-20 Wallet. If no wallet is available at the time grants are issued, grants shall be forfeited and no tokens shall be issued to the investor/partner.

OXVT terms and conditions are yet to be created but shall apply once tokens are minted and distributed

XvestX Term Sheet may be amended, rescinded and cancelled by XvestX at any time for any reason with written notice to affected parties.O